Etiquette and manners are front page news these days; from the playground to the boardroom, there is universal agreement that a civilized society is not only preferable, but the key to our success as a country and world leader. In simpler terms, manners make the world a better place.

By customizing classes geared to your company or business, we provide professional instruction appropriate to the needs of your employees or attendees. Our basic course covers these essential everyday manners and social etiquette, taught at your place of business:

  • Choosing to be Mannerly - Making choices that impact social and leadership skills
  • Introductions - Proper greetings, professional handshake, body language
  • Conversations - How to feeling comfortable in any social or business situation
  • Table Manners - American and Continental eating styles and much more
  • Electronic Etiquette - Telephone, cell phone, and PDA manners, email etiquette
  • Thank you notes - The lost art!

The Mannerly Manners® Corporate Courses

What is especially pertinent about Mannerly Manners® is the program’s common sense approach to teaching “Manners for Everyday Life™,” rooted in compassion for oneself and others. To our knowledge, no other etiquette or manners company or program teaches the rules of manners in such a relevant way or most importantly, are they built on a foundation of respect. We empower our students to enhance their social skills and build self-confidence by learning the basic rules of manners in a hands-on environment that is both supportive and interactive. It is a formula that works and the time is right to share this successful program with the corporate community.

Girl Scout Brownie Event
Family Workshop
Early Childhood
Tea Party
Youth -Camp
Teen - Full Day Camp
Community Groups
Parent & Child Class

“The conference was an overwhelming success and you played a key role in making it happen. Your session was interactive and informative...You provided our teens with great lessons on how to handle themselves appropriately in different social settings, as well as the extra edge of social skills needed in the 'real world'."

Brazellia Baker, Boys & Girls Clubs of America