The Mannerly Manners® youth course is the foundation of our program. We teach the basics of everyday manners and social etiquette, from introductions to table manners to how to write a thank you note; everything a young person needs to know to become confident in any social situation.

This course is presently featured as a part of Community Education programs throughout the Twin Cities area. We have classes available for school-release days, summer camps, workshops, Park and Recreation Facilities, independent organizations, home-school programs, scout troops or other community groups.

Manners for Everyday Life™

We also offer theme related-classes:

  • Manners Express™(“crash course” in the basics; introductions, and  table manners)
  • Mannerly Table Manners™(every thing you need to know about coming to the table, including setting a simple place setting and Continental and American eating styles)
  • Let's Plan a Party! (Planning and putting on a party)
  • Holiday Dining Savvy™ (tips for holiday dining including how to be a great host while entertaining)
  • Introductions and Conversation
  • And more....

For ages 7-17, we offer the full course called “ Mannerly Manners Rule™,” which includes:

  • Manners - what does it mean to me?
  • Introductions- proper greetings and handshake, importance of body language, eye contact and the value of a smile.
  • Conversation Skills-how to talk with anyone, entering and exiting a room with ease.
  • Table Manners-how to be seated and seat someone, guest and restaurant etiquette, American and Continental eating styles, napkin use, and much more.
  • Electronic Communication Etiquette-how to properly use the telephone and cell phone at home and in public.
  • Thank you notes- the lost art!
  • Character Development - how to feel and act confident in all social situations.

Mannerly Manners® Tea Party

Offered at kiddywampus®

Join us for an afternoon Tea Party at kiddywampus®! Dress in your finest; learn about manners and tea etiquette. Take pleasure in a cup of tea, lemonade, and lots of treats. This is an exciting, hands-on, and fun educational manners experience. You will learn a simple introduction, napkin etiquette, how to sip tea, and much more. Classes presented by  Glinda Edmondson.  Book included in fee.



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“The conference was an overwhelming success and you played a key role in making it happen. Your session was interactive and informative...You provided our teens with great lessons on how to handle themselves appropriately in different social settings, as well as the extra edge of social skills needed in the 'real world'."

Brazellia Baker, Boys & Girls Clubs of America