Mannerly Manners® Curriculum

Mannerly Manners® curriculum empowers students with moral principles by teaching Manners for Everyday Life™ based on a foundation for respect that is defined as treating oneself and others with compassion, love, and kindness. The lessons cover introductions and conversation, table manners, communication etiquette and other topics pertinent to today's character eduction expectations. When combined, these skills build confidence and are the key to success in daily life.

Our program is successful because our multisensory learning approach appeals to students with realistic messages and interactive activities that are age appropriate and easily applied in real life situations.

MISSION STATEMENT: Mannerly Manners® is dedicated to empowering young people and adults to function at their highest level by enhancing their social skills and self-confidence through the teaching of everyday manners based on the value of respect.

Mannerly Manners® Curriculum Objectives:

  • To give student the tools they need to feel comfortable and confident in any social situation
  • To empower students to function at their highest level in life by enhancing their social skills
  • To instill in students the value of treating others and themselves with respect and compassion
  • To establish strong family bonds
  • To encourage an appreciation for other cultures and lifestyles
  • To contribute to a more mannerly society by teaching universal everyday manners
  • To make the world a more civilized place for future generations and ourselves

Manners for Everyday Life™ is a character education curriculum that will make a difference in your classroom, school and community. By teaching “manners with respect,” students not only learn basic social and etiquette skills, but most importantly, how and why those skills can benefit them today and for a lifetime. This program empowers students and teachers to make mannerly choices in school, at home and in all social situations.

Empowering young people enables their success and is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. Highly developed social skills will convey success in life beyond the best education.

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The Teacher Curriculum Package includes: 1-Teacher's Guide, 1-Curriculum Lesson Book, Teaching Tool DVD and 1-Student Workbook. Additional Student Workbooks sold

  • Curriculum Lessons Manual: Includes 15, 30-35 minute lessons, Teacher-friendly format that is organized, clear concise.
  • Teacher’s Guide: Includes expanded philosophies, teaching tips, reproducible pages.
  • Student Workbook: Includes activities, background information and original illustrations.
  • DVD: includes demonstrations of teaching tools.
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Curriculum Teaches:

  • Introductions-proper handshake, greetings, personal space
  • First impressions-the value of a smile, body language
  • Conversations 101-polite words, active listening
  • Table Manners-everyday eating and dining etiquette
  • Communication Etiquette- phones, computers, thank you notes
  • Respect: Compassion, Love and Kindness for others
  • Increased confidence and leadership abilities

Additional Products Available:

  • 32" x 25" flip chart pad of key phrases
  • Telephone Message pads
  • Thank you notes (4-designs with white envelopes)
  • "Pocket Pal" Key Phrases on 2 X 3 1/2 inch card

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I really enjoyed your manners class. Thank you for being my teacher and Emily too. I loved the food manners and I taught my dad hand shaking tricks.

- Mara Pawlenty – Governor Tim Pawlenty’s daughter – [August 2003]