Opportunities for Instructors

Since The Mannerly Manners® program began nearly two decades ago, the business has continued to grow and change with societal trends. We've seen a renewed interest in manners and etiquette in the past few years, especially in the youth and family market. Our business continues to evolve and become more successful.

Due to this recent growth, we have received requests from potential instructors and others interested in the business of teaching manners from around the country. We invite this opportunity to expand nationally and are presently offering a professional training course. This course provides new instructors and small business owners with the following:

  • Thorough instruction in and understanding of the Mannerly Manners® basic youth program
  • Use of Mannerly Manners® curriculum
  • Access to use of proprietary materials, video and products
  • Cooperative marketing efforts

We are always looking for instructors in the Twin Cities area with these qualifications:

  • Enjoy working with children, teens and/or adults
  • Passionate about teaching manners
  • Flexible schedule; available afternoons, evenings, weekends, summers
  • Organized, basic computer proficiency

We look forward to talking with you about our training program.
For more information, please contact:

Marilyn Pentel
Mannerly Manners® Creator and CEO
Phone- 952-380-4958
Fax- 952-380-0909
Email- marilyn@pentel.us


"My true reward comes from seeing the delight in the faces of my students as they share with me the positive feed back they've received from adults and their peers when using their newly learned skills."

Glinda Edmondson, Mannerly Manners Instructor