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Edina | Early Childhood
The Mannerly Manners® Club
Date: Mon-Thur July 22 to 25,2019
10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Notes: This class goes way beyond Please and Thank-you; we help you strengthen the social skills you have already begun! The Mannerly Manners® Club is a program designed specifically for your active, early learner. For over a decade we have taken pride in teaching manners with respect and empowering kids with life-changing skills. This class teaches how and why it's important to be respectful of others, understanding and detecting feelings, making a simple introduction including eye contact, table manners skills before, during, and after a meal and much more. Using innovative props, role-play activities, music, books and puppets, students come to understand the value of using Mannerly Manners. Mannerly Manners® supports family values and helps your cild navigate life by teaching the basics of everyday manners. Class includes lesson reviews for parent, a Mannerly Manners® Book, handouts and hands-on activities to support lessons, dessert meal to teach table manners, a surprise gift for every student, and a Certificate of Completion at graduation.

If you experience any problems registering please call Marilyn Pentel at 952-380-4958

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Early Childhood
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Thank you for bringing The Mannerly Manners Club™ for preschoolers to my daycare. The children really enjoyed your fun classes and still talk about the things that they learned! I was impressed with your passion for wanting children to behave properly and appreciate your belief that all children should be taught how to respect others and how to use proper manners!

- Rebecca Manning; ‘Becky’s Daycare’,