What Are Mannerly Manners®?

We believe that manners and respect are inseparable. That is why we teach respect as a part of every lesson. All lessons are taught using basic social etiquette based on a foundation of Compassion, Love, and Kindness for oneself and others. When combined, these skills build confidence and are the key to success in everyday life. Our students are empowered with the knowledge that Mannerly Manners are Just a CLK Away!™

By emphasizing The #1 Rule™ "Treat others the way YOU wish to be treated"  we establish and reinforce the cornerstone of mannerly behavior. And, it is this philosophy that differentiates us from more traditional etiquette courses that provide only formal manners and protocol training.

Decide with Confidence

Information parents should know about, manners and confidence that impact your child's life forever. At Mannerly Manners® we dispel the “myths” surrounding etiquette education by teaching everyday manners that are refreshing and relevant to today’s world.

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Course Descriptions

Our course ranges from Early Childhood, Youth, Teens, College, Adults and Corporate including Parent and Child Seminars.

We go beyond “good and bad manners” and instead, we empower students of all ages with the tools they need to handle any social situation with grace and confidence. Mannerly Manners® is really about just that, feeling confident and comfortable around others!

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What's New

We are proud to announce new additions to the Mannerly Manners® website!

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  • Learning How to Mind My Manners - "No elbows on the table", - By Natalie Hagemo - Lakeshore Weekly News. View  Full Story 
  • Early Childhood Class Locations.  

WE TEACH PROSOCIAL SKILLS - Mannerly Manners® teaches empathy in 15 easy 30-minute lessons. Available now for schools and the retail market.

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MANNERLY MANNERS® CURRICULUM now available to Schools

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