Look Who's Talking™

Edina Community Center
5701 Normandale Road
Edina, MN 55424
Course Number: MM-F3
Phone Number: 952-848-3950
Hotline: 952-848-3970

Date: Tue's Nov. 8 & 13, 2018
Time: 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Cost: $75
Ages: Gr. 4-8
Instructor: Marilyn Pentel
Room #: ECC Rm 348 Professional Library

Notes: Ever find yourself thinking that when you want to talk to someone new you can't? You rack your brains, searching for the words. But somehow, nothing seems right. If so, this conversation skills mini-class can help. Penn State and Duke University research shows Social skills are linked to your child's success in life. Mannerly Manners® will give you conversation basics filled with great ideas and best practices. This is important, because when you sense you have a better Idea of what to do socially, your confidence grows. Fee includes; small class size, handouts, role-play, and parents are welcome to attend at no additional cost.


If you experience any problems registering please call Marilyn Pentel at 952-380-4958

Early Childhood
Parent & Child Class

Thank you for bringing The Mannerly Manners Club™ for preschoolers to my daycare. The children really enjoyed your fun classes and still talk about the things that they learned! I was impressed with your passion for wanting children to behave properly and appreciate your belief that all children should be taught how to respect others and how to use proper manners!

- Rebecca Manning; ‘Becky’s Daycare’,